Celebrating Mother’s Day without Mom

Losing your mother is extremely hard to cope with. 
It’s even harder to fathom how celebrate her life when she is not physically with you. 

Mother’s Day can trigger many emotions, but it’s okay to feel that way. 
Celebrating a holiday without a loved one is not about putting on a brave face. Rather it is about expressing your emotions in a healthy way and to celebrate the life of your mother in ways you only know how. Here are three tips on how get through Mother’s Day in healthy way.

 1. Accept all the emotions you have.
It is easy to cast judgement on yourself, because you have strong feelings during this Mother’s Day. You feel like you need to be strong for everyone around you. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Allow yourself to experience all the emotions you have. 
 2. Express your emotions with family and friends.
Once you accept that your feelings are a normal part of the grieving process, it’s time to open up with people around you. We need to rely on family and friends during this time. Through voicing your emotions it allows you to better cope with your lost, and connect with family and friends on a deeper level. Opening up to loved ones allows you to eventually be able to celebrate her life. 
3. Celebrate her life with others.
Once you feel comfortable, it’s time to celebrate the way she lived her life. This can take a number of forms. You may sit around with family, and reminisce on memories of her. You may decide to bake something she would make during the holidays. You could dedicate time to write about some of the adventures you embarked on with her. You could even visit her grave. Whatever you decide to do, remember to share these moments with loved ones. 
Don’t feel like you have to accomplish all these tips today. It takes time to grieve and to properly celebrate her life. Let today mark the day that you decided to take the steps to grieve her lost and continually celebrate all she has done for you.

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